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Vertiscape Green wall



Vertiscape Green wall

Now you can create your own living wall with the new VertiScape Green Walls Modules. The lightweight soil based modules come in a box of 3 which gives a display of 1/2 a square meter.  The modules link together so you can creata a small display or a large scale feature.

Each module comes as a kit complete with stainles steel fixing brackets that allow for simple installation and removal of a module if any maintenance is required.  The custom sleeves allow for the plant to be planted vertical which means you can hang your new vertical garden immediatley for instant results. 

The VertiScape module can accommodate a variety of both indoor and outdoor species including a wide range of drought tolerant plants and architectural foliage. Every module comes with installation and planting instructions along with recommended plants and watering suggestions to make creating your own beautiful vertical garden even easier.


Make your own vertical garden....

 VertiScape Green Wall Module

               Green Wall Box & Drawing

Green Wall Installation Step 1

Green Wall Installation Step 2

Green Wall Installation Step 3

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